Shetland Maritime provides support services for Premier Oil's Solan SOST tank

Premier Oil appointed Zander Simpson as their Marine Representative whilst their subsea oil storage tank (SOST) was in Lerwick prior to installation in the Solan field West of Shetland.

Shetland Martime provided marine crew to install and monitor the mooring system for the SOST during its stay in Lerwick. Shetland Maritime also provided marine crew for the ballasting operation and tug reconfiguration for the offshore tow of the tank from Lerwick to the Solan Field. The Solan Field is approximately 90 miles west of Shetland and the SOST will be installed in 134 metres of water by the Hereema heavy lift barge Thialf.


SOST arriving in Lerwick onboard the COSCO heavy lift vessel Xiang Yun Kou.


SOST floated off heavy lift vessel and being towed back into Lerwick Harbour for final preparations prior to tow offshore.


Shetland Maritime crew for SOST ballasting and tug reconfiguration. L to R: Glen Henderson, Fraser Simpson, Zander Simpson and Richard Watt.


Zander and Hereema crew on top of SOST tank after the completion of ballasting and ready for offshore tow to Solan Field.