Shetland Maritime completes marine warranty work on Laggan Tormore Gas Plant Construction

March 2014 marked the conclusion of Shetland Maritime’s sixteen month involvement as Global Maritime’s Marine Warranty Surveyor in Shetland for Total UK’s Laggan Tormore Gas Plant.

This involved the discharge of 68 heavy lift units such as pipe assembly racks, pre- assembled units, large storage tanks from 18 heavy lift vessels. The largest unit being 420 tonnes. The units were then transported by Mammoet on to their barge ‘Schelde’ by SPMT trailers and the barge towed to Sullom Voe for discharge and onward transportation by SPMT trailer to the construction site. Shetland Maritime coordinated all barge movements between Lerwick and Sullom Voe.

Global Maritime have expressed their thanks for the professional work of Shetland Maritime throughout this extensive contract where all discharged without incident or damage to assets.

Trans-shipping heavy lift from ‘Deo Volente’ to ‘Ameland’ before discharging ashore at Sullom Voe.

Tandem lift from MV ‘Lone’ at Lerwick before onward shipment to Sullom Voe by barge ‘Schelde’.

Gas plant module being transported on Mammoet SPMT from heavy lift ship to ‘Schelde’ barge.

Discharging ‘Schelde’ at Construction Jetty, Sullom Voe.